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CD Stud Welding Machine Model- 08 & Model- 10
CD Stud Welding Machine Model- 08 & Model- 10 INR 0 INR 0

CD Stud Welding Machine Model- 08 & Model- 10

Capacitor Discharge Stud Welders– CD 08 & CD 10: We are proud to introduce a line of stud welding equipment. Our products are well known for quality and reliability, and these capacitor discharge welders are no exception. Users will be pleased with the sophisticated electronic features and outstanding welding quality with these compact, lightweight stud-welding units. In addition, the guns are small and light and offer individual settings for optimum weld quality. Superior reliability and ease of use makes these studs welding systems an excellent choice for many customers. CD Stud Welding Process: Due to the very short weld times, the CD welding process permits the welding of small-diameter studs to thin, lightweight materials. The weld cycle can be completed in 0.01 seconds on material as thin as 0.020" (0.5mm). These fast weld times minimize heat buildup, resulting in welds with very little distortion, discoloration, or burning. Therefore, this type of process is often used when appearance is a critical product feature. The CD stud welding method, used mainly for welding mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum studs. It requires a specially designed stud with a projection on its weld end. This tip provides accurate welding time control with precise repeatability. CD Advantages: This process creates high integrity welds even on thin gauge materials. Additionally, it allows the welding of dissimilar metals because the weld penetration is so slight that metallurgical problems are prevented. The quality, productivity, and cost advantages include: attractive appearance with minimal burn, strength in lightweight applications, minimal backside marking, a fast process with fewer assembly steps, labor savings, and fabrication savings. Features: • High Weld strength – cross-sectional weld. Full stud strength is developed. The weld is as strong as the stud and parent metal • Cost Saving – Eliminates the cost of secondary operation, associated equipment and cost of this operations • Reliability – because of the precisely controlled current and time offered by the equipment, consistent results are assured • High Production Speed – Depending on the equipment used and the stud diameter, duty cycles can range between 5 to 22 studs per minute • Very safe – Low voltage at the gun • Eliminated secondary operation – No need to drill, OR tap holes, No rivet heads, bolts, nuts or washers CD Applications: CD welding can be used for: Electrical Panel, doors, hardware, cookware, jewelry, houseware, electrical/electronic chassis, etc.



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Drawn Arc Stud Welding Machines
Drawn Arc Stud Welding Machines INR 0 INR 0

Drawn Arc Stud Welding Machines

Drawn arc stud welding is a process by which a metal stud is joined to a metal work piece by heating both parts with an electrical arc. It permits strong, one-sided welds on base metals with thicknesses starting at 8 mm and produces welds in as little as 2500 millisecond. This method provides highly reliable fastening for a wide variety of applications and allows almost any size or configuration of a metal stud to be welded quickly to a work piece, while providing maximum weld penetration and reliability. Range & Model: • Weld Stud range from 3mm to 25mm • Models – OUE – 8, OUE –12, OUE –16, OUE –19, & OUE –25 Advantages of Drawn Arc: • High Weld strength – full cross-sectional weld. The bond is stronger than surrounding metal. • Filler material is not required therefore saving cost. • The one-sided fastening process permits greater design versatility • Increased productivity • Economic advantages- Savings on labor and fabrication costs • Simple in operation.Semi-skilled person can also do welding. Applications: • Construction – bridges, building, conduit & piping • Automotive • Furniture • Metal products • Industrial • Shipbuilding • Electrical & Electronic enclosures



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